Strap Furniture And its Care Vetra Furniture

Be it a new home you’re decorating or refurbishing your existing setting, the right kind of furniture is essential. The charm your home exudes entirely depends upon how well the furnishings complement the colors and décor. Strap furniture offers a timeless look, along with comfort and simple maintenance. It is perfect for any outdoor garden, patio or pool area, and can fit the style of most of the homes. Innovative new designs and ideas in strap furniture are fast making the most preferred style of furniture.

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Strap furniture is made out of Vinyl and is so popular because of the sharp, vibrant range of colors it offers while is easy to maintain and also reasonably priced. Vetra is one of the leading brands that manufacture outdoor garden and Outdoor furniture in Delhi. If you’re investing to beautify your house, here are a few tips for proper care and maintenance of your strap furniture.


What is it made up of?

Vetra’s Strap furniture is designed using high density polymer and stainless steel or aluminum, making it resistant to both mould and mildew, their range of chaise loungers is a quintessence of comfort and lushness. The august collection of poolside loungers they offer is completely water-resistant and UV resistant, ensuring the color will not fade even in the sun.
The straps are an integral part of the furniture frame and cannot be removed; regular cleaning is required to keep this element in good condition. The strap material is stabilized to minimize the effect of UV light, to reduce the chances of exposure, it is recommended for you to cover your furniture during the winter months.


It is important that your furniture is cleaned regularly. It is recommended that you use a soft hand brush every few months or when the furniture looks like it needs cleaning. The frequency will depend on your furniture’s location and its exposure to vegetation and airborne pollution.

Steps to follow:

1. Spray your furniture down thoroughly using a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Spraying the furniture down dislodges a great deal of dirt and makes the cleaning process easier.

  1. Squirt 1/4 cup of mild soap into a bucket and fill up the bucket with warm water. Swirl the water around to ensure that the soap dissolves thoroughly.
  2. Dip the soft-bristled scrub brush into the soapy water and scrub your Patio Furniture in Delhi down one strap at a time. Remember to scrub the underside of each piece as well, where the greatest amount of dirt often collects.
  3. Spray your furniture down thoroughly with your hose again to remove the soap suds and any remaining dirt. Allow your furniture to air-dry in the sun.

Follow this care routine diligently, as often as required to ensure the longevity of your strap furniture.

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Exactly how Outside Pieces of furniture Can Convert Your current Living space?

You may need Sundays to go, Mondays to work, Tuesdays to fix way up the meetings … along with right now there moves all of your 1 week scraping pertaining to relaxation along with attaining that peace of mind.

Vetra, a respected provider involving out of doors pieces of furniture has put together an ideal range of patio along with outdoor furniture, so that your daily can be an reason to keep closer to mother nature.

Redecorating or maybe purchasing pieces of furniture for ones outdoors generally is a prolonged practice but here’s why you ought to consider choosing a good out of doors bit:

1. Fashion Record getting good out of doors pieces of furniture brings an instantaneous glam in your outdoor area. An wonderfully created bit produces a mode declaration inside of it.

2. Health advantages once you have a great furniture piece relaxing right now there within your outdoors and a good temperature to be able to accompany the idea; people wouldn’t want to keep within. It’s going to be an excuse that you spend an afternoon using the mother nature; taking in your freshness and the fresh air to be able to temporarily relieve the senses- maintaining people healthy bodily along with in your head.

3. Stunning Organic Search getting wicker pieces of furniture can provide an exceptionally classy pure turn to the Garden Furniture in Delhi. Wicker can stand just about all conditions along with so that it is the perfect choice pertaining to cheap along with material furnitures.

4. Good place to build any Barbeque paying for out of doors pieces of furniture is an excellent choice if you love to entertain their own families along with buddies. Having a good little bit of out of doors pieces of furniture will give you enough time to nibble on, delight in along with loosen up having all your family.

Manufacturers of Outdoor Furniture

Nowadays if you are thinking to furnish your garden with outdoor furniture go ahead with Vetra furniture. They are the pioneer manufacturer in the field of Outdoor furniture. Vetra has always given emphasis on creating an outstanding artistry in this area of work. The chairs created by Vetra are proof of luxury, comfort and lavishness. They likewise hold an expertise in picking out the correct type of material to form the best chair. That’s why furniture made by Vetra is sustainable for many years.

Rope chair

Soft rope chairs are well known as hammock chairs, create a swaying, cozy nook in which you can enjoy conversation, a good volume or a snooze. These chairs work well indoors or outdoors increase the seating of a family room, porch, gazebo or covered deck. You can string up these chairs in any place that carries an overhead beam large enough to sustain its maximum weight limit. Installation requires basic hardware and tools& takes little time.

Strap chairs

They are basically made up of straps which provide more relaxation in comparison to other chairs. The straps tied give more comfort to the back. The feature of folding and carrying anywhere makes it distinctively ahead of other chairs.

Vetra gives priority to the likes and wants of their clients. They have a division which providesdesign solutions to the clients according to their choice and comfort.Their motive is to serve with a stylish range of outdoor furniture which should be unmatched in styling.

Confirmation to consider while buying outdoor furniture

An exceptional technique to add a general feeling to your outdoor space is to finish it with outdoor furniture. It updates the of the walled in zone furthermore upgrades its greatness. Yet with such a blended sack of decisions open in the business, you truly get to be overpowered in selecting the best sort of furniture. Outdoor Furniture not basically intends to set-up some wooden seats in the fenced in zone and respects the heavenliness of the approach. The ideal outdoor set-up is putting the right furniture at the perfect spot.

Pool Side Furniture

It must be at present a bit of astounding for you. So we should see which sort of furniture is best on a specific place in the fenced in region.

 Teak Furniture

 Teak is the best wood to place in the fenced in zone. This woods wood is underpinned all things considered as it is eco-obliging and has long future. By virtue of its fundamental durability in urging air conditions, it is the first decision for everybody. The best contraption of a teak is impervious to UV bars, rain, ice or snow. It is said to be the best financing in the field of Garden Furniture.

 Wicker Chair

A wicker seat is made with flexible material beginning from nature itself. Trademark materials like stick & bamboo are utilized to make wicker. It can stayed against diverse sorts of environment and is of astonishing utilization. It is seen as the most open to thing in the strategy to sit. Probably the best thing about wicker seat is that it is not tricky to pass on wherever in the walled in range.

Solid Colors Create Outdoor furniture Garden Decor idea

The latest trends in socializing demands a revolution in the perception of outdoor towards a pleasant space where everyone can dine and enjoy. We are Vetra, an outdoor furniture manufacturing company who specializes in crafting great quality outdoor furniture that is capable to transform your outdoor from an underestimated zone to a welcoming area. We manufacture poolside furniture, outdoor patio furniture, wicker furniture, garden furniture, resort furniture as well as hotel furniture.Our designers have produced the most pleasing furniture designs that have emerged as the best in the industry. Our clientele includes Radisson, Holiday Inn, The Retreat, Intercontinental and many more.

Garden Furniture In Delhi

We understand the requirements of present day exteriors and are glad to bring you the latest outdoor décor trends that will help you enhance the look and feel of your outdoor.

Vibrant Colors

Cheerful hues are being used in the outdoor set up, perhaps to reflect the vibrancy of nature.Cushions that were thought to be inappropriate for the outdoors, are now considered as the main accessory to compliment your Outdoor Furniture. Natural shades of furniture like greys and browns pair best with bright colored cushions. Wicker furniture paired with floral cushions create a warm ambience when placed in the backyard while solid colors create a modish appeal when set on teak furniture at hotels and resorts.


Adding an umbrella will bring your outdoor space to life. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns available with us depending upon the kind of look you wish to create. Bold stripes look great around the beach area where as solid colors such as hot pink and orange add an element of brightness to your garden. Blacks, whites and neutral shades on the other hand tend to add charm to the poolside at hotels and resorts.

Garden Furniture Manufacturer Delhi


The absence of natural light from the outdoor creates a challenge for the artificial lighting to be as appealing as the sunlight. String lights or garden lamps create a glowing effect in the outdoor under the moonlit sky. Up- lighters placed on the ground and fishing lights fixed on the walls,lightens up the entire outdoor evenly making your poolside furniture look natural in the setting.You can choose to use small landscape lights placed behind the corner bushes to create a striking charisma during a barbeque party.

We can help you make your garden the most inviting place for your guests with our ultimate range of wicker, teak and strap furniture.